Saturday, 5 May 2012


Having a personal blog is one thing, maintaining it and having confidence in what I want to write about is the real challenge, one which I hope to overcome.

I write another blog for SONSI (Southern Ontario Nature and Science Illustrators).  Since the inception of the group over two years ago I have been writing posts about all of our events.  This is sometimes a challenge and I almost always have to think of a larger theme to apply to what has happened in the hope of creating something enjoyable to read.  While contemplating another theme for the most recent event I was inspired to write here too.  The event was a lovely but unremarkable and common SONSI walk in a conservation area after a rather lengthy but delicious (brunch) AGM.  Chronicling this would be dull and I've been putting it off as I just couldn't think of a way to make this interesting.  That was until I had my attention drawn to the moon; whilst reading from a website I read that it happens to be a "supermoon" this weekend, which means that the moon is the largest and brightest full moon for over one hundred years.  Not needing any more encouragement, full of curiosity, excitement and recklessness abandon in anticipation of discovery I ran out in to the middle of my street and not needing the usual search I saw the moon matching the sun for brightness just over my neighbours chimney.  It is spectacular, I even saw those tell-tale, retina destroying colours around the old orb after a while.  Following this though was a rather empty feeling, there was no one to look at to see how impressed they were too.  I walked rather more ordinarily back in to the house.  Having someone there in the middle of the street with me to share the magical sight would have been wonderful but on the flip side I do have a theme for my post.
For my other post I can now turn an unremarkable stroll in to a gratifying and memorable experience with my peers.  For this post I can say that I have truly been made aware that it is in sharing an experience, whether it is everyday or, like tonight, once in a lifetime that gives me the most happiness.

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